If the value of the correlation coefficient, r is close to -1 then the relationship is supposed to be negative and strong. 19 October 2020 . Which of the following correlation coefficients reflects the strongest correlation? Rather, it examines … erin_colleen1127. Students who watch more television perform more poorly on their exams. Flashcards. Usually, the taller someone is, the thinner they are. The person below me is wrong. Mississippi State University, Bachelor of Science, Food Science. A)-0.98 B)0.90 C)0.00 D)1.20 Keep in mind that any numbers that are between -0.5 and -0.7 show weak negative correlation only, same for positive. PLAY. answer! Log in Sign up. Some students are more motivated to do well in school, which leads to better attendance. a researcher will have lots of numerical data on their hands. Flashcards. Hint: A. Which of these represents the strongest correlation coefficient? which of the following scatterplots best shows this … The number describing two variables relationship is the correlation coefficient. Which of the following correlation coefficients indicates the strongest relationship between two variables? Answer to: Which of the following correlations is the strongest? A study finds a strong negative correlation between the amount of chocolate a child consumes and the number of absences the child has from school. as There are two types of correlations: Karl Pearson's Correlation is used for continuous type of data while when the data consists of ranks then Spearman correlation coefficient is used. Which statement best illustrates a negative correlation between the number of hours spent watching TV the week before an exam and the grade on that exam? Solved: Which of the following is the strongest correlation? C. A patient with a … -.90 Using the mean as a measure of central tendency may cause the distribution to be a bit lopsided. Which of the following correlation coefficients indicates the strongest relationship between two variables? Tags: Question 4 . improve our educational resources. Numerical data that shows the cause of a certain phenomenon, The negative or positive correlational relationship between different percentages, A subjective interpretation of numerical data. )-.91, -.83, -.34., 0, +.50, +.72. - Examples & Concept, Cross-sectional, Longitudinal & Sequential Designs: Advantages & Disadvantages, Quasi-Experimental Designs: Definition, Characteristics, Types & Examples, Positive Correlation in Psychology: Examples & Definition, Internal Consistency Reliability: Example & Definition, Test-Retest Reliability Coefficient: Examples & Concept, Pearson Correlation Coefficient: Formula, Example & Significance, Main Effect and Interaction Effect in Analysis of Variance, What is Factorial Design? your copyright is not authorized by law, or by the copyright owner or such owner’s agent; (b) that all of the a. Start studying AP psychology module 6-8. As a result, a researcher could predict _____ if the direction of the relationship is known. What kind of statistical test would be used to determine if there is a linear relationship between two variables? A study's reliability is its ability to yield similar results when replicated in a similar setting. Which of the following is the strongest correlation? D. Stress makes us … 0.75 B.-0.98 C.-0.6 D.0.03 E.0.8 144) Since there is a correlation between cancer and stress, which of the following statements is … The hindsight bias most directly contributes to the perception that: a. psychological theories are simply reflections of researchers' Psychology Intelligence Multiple Choice Questions In considering the nature of intelligence, experts would most likely agree that intelligence should be defined as a(n): A. inborn ability... Molly was born in September, and the cutoff for going to kindergarten in … 8. Gravity. © 2007-2021 All Rights Reserved, MCAT Courses & Classes in Dallas Fort Worth, Spanish Courses & Classes in Dallas Fort Worth. on or linked-to by the Website infringes your copyright, you should consider first contacting an attorney. A correlation of 0 indicates no relationship between two variables. Pearson product-moment correlation takes a value between -1 to 1. The perception of a relationship where none exists, An illusion of a correlation (often called sans-stats), A perfect correlation between two variables, A type of Pearson product moment correlation commonly used in the field of social psychology, When one variable negatively predicts a second variable. - Definition & Examples, Concurrent Validity: Definition & Examples, Scatterplot and Correlation: Definition, Example & Analysis, Negative Correlation in Psychology: Examples, Definition & Interpretation, What Is Descriptive Statistics? If you've found an issue with this question, please let us know. The other numbers given in the question indicate very weak correlation. A. Which of the following correlation coefficients indicates the strongest from PSY-150 -355-2016F at Rowan-Cabarrus Community College Get to the point AP (Advanced Placement) Psychology questions for your exams. Negative correlations can be as strong or stronger than positive correlations; the most important factor is … When working with continuous variables, the correlation coefficient to use is Pearson’s r.The correlation coefficient (r) indicates the extent to which the pairs of numbers for these two variables lie on a straight line. Statistics play a big role in much of the research in the field of psychology.

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