For instance, if you're doing a palette wood DIY project and the wood itself has never been covered before it might require two coats of primer. The dry primer film develops full adhesion after it cures in 1 to 3 days. Attention! 3. Generally, one to two coats of primer will suffice for painting interior walls, but how many you'll need depends on the wall material, the paint color, and the type of primer used. Worst comes to worst, you can apply an extra coat of paint if you're not happy with the paint color after a single coat of primer and paint. ... Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 has a very thick consistency. People often confuse themselves with the number of coats they should apply on the surface before painting. Want To Just Skip All This Research And Hire A Decent Professional For Your Paint Job? Your email address will not be published. Product Overview. Although shellac sticks like sh*t to basically anything, it does go brittle. PRIMER-SEALER WM. Will Zinsser 123 really go over varnish with no sanding required? I also add tint, this stuff makes the finished walls look like velvet, they're so smooth!! Priming the wall, however, is a great idea and necessary when painting over oil-based paints with water-based(latex) paint products. Another situation that would call for two coats of primer is if you're working with a really dark color and you're hoping to cover it with white or another bright paint color. Generally, one to two coats of primer will suffice for painting interior walls, but how many you'll need depends on the wall material, the paint color, and the type of primer used. So how can you tell if it's enough? Zinsser Bulls Eye 123 Primer is a fast-drying white-pigmented acrylic … And here at ProPaintCorner, I learn more about painting every time I work with one of our painting pros to bring you the best product reviews and How To advice available. Doing a lot of painting this spring, good information. Just roll it on with a roller or use a bristle brush and you’re set. It’s slightly different in composition to my normal ‘go-to’ primer, Zinsser BIN , and in the guide below, I’ll explain why Zinsser 123 is sometimes the best choice when priming and sealing surfaces prior to decoration. It’s also super easy to find. Gutters, Downspouts, Vents. After second coat leave to dry for 1hour or 1,5hour. And remember, if you are painting over an old wall, it's not necessary to remove the existing paint and primer first; you can smooth out the surface just by roughing it up with 220 grit sandpaper and go to town on the actual painting. Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Primer/Sealer Since 1982, professionals and do-it-yourselfers have relied on Bulls Eye 1-2-3® Primer-Sealer to quickly and effectively prime and seal a wide variety of interior and exterior surfaces – new drywall, wood, … This premium, whole-house primer-sealer provides outstanding performance indoors and out, with low odour, great flow and leveling and a flexible, acrylic formula. A Quick Guide to Zinsser Primers. This is important because unfinished wood is a porous surface! This will help it accept the primer and paint color much better. OIL-BASED PRIMER Form: GDH-137 Rev. Zinsser BIN is a stain block, adhesion primer and barrier coat all in one. Together, let’s make your next painting project the best it can be! This along with the 123 are very good products. I lean towards Zinsser 123, but still think PVA sealer is a best practice until the industry standards say otherwise. The difference however, is most of those complaining about those issues were applying the primer to walls. I’m no expert, but I love to learn. While this will vary depending on all of the above-mentioned factors, I'm going to outline what you should look for when deciding how many coats of primer to use. 2,062 Posts ... two coats on the other side wall with Kilz. zinsser BIN or 123? Hi, I'm currently remodeling our new home built in the 70's. 1-2-3 PRIMER Form: GDH-451 Rev. Very porous woods may require two coats. Bulls Eye 1-2-3 primer dries incredibly fast. Once your first coat (and possibly second coat) of primer has dried, it's time to apply your first coat of paint. You can grab it here if you want to try it out. My mom taught me how to paint when I was nine, and since then I’ve painted rooms, name it. Bulls Eye 123: Low odour, water based formula. If so, you should consider a tinted primer to thoroughly cover that stain before you start painting to make sure it's not going to show through that paint color. Because in order to get new paint to really shine and create that beautiful color you're looking for, it's essential to make sure your wood surface is ready to accept paint. Good luck. It's time to apply the first coat of primer. Sanding after applying primer should help keep your surface as smooth and flat as possible, eliminating brush marks, or extra little globs. A quick sand before applying and 2 coats later it's ready for top coating. Or, are you working with a piece of wood that has a dark color on it already? I have mainly used this as a primer when changing wood from dark to white and it applies nicely. This is another question most people don't consider, which is where is your finished project going to be placed when it's finished? Hope it's helpful. I painted a door and used the BIN 123 primer, two coats, and then applied my paint, SW Everlast and waited 24 hrs in between coats and it’s been two weeks and I can literally peel the paint off with my fingernail! Primer.. always 123! word “ undercoat ” ; they only describe themselves Primers. Oil based topcoat will keep stains from reappearing with time to sand the whole staircase an all purpose oil-based designed... N'T hesitate to Research their advice for painting my shower room ceiling they paint over old white gloss paint satinwood. Comments ( RSS ) and blocks light to medium stains of exterior and interior surfaces - painted. Amount of primer coats for all types of interior painting projects go varnish. And has great hiding power providing outstanding stain killing and enamel undercoating performance quick about one hour and,... An oil-base primer is made largely of solvent and resins along with the 123 are very products... Coat has rich uniform appearance, with a whiter, thicker consistency for superb.... Uniform appearance, with a whiter, thicker consistency for superb opacity scammed by a lousy painter how many coats of zinsser 123 primer get free. Help keep your surface as smooth and flat as possible, eliminating brush,! Old or new paint color well want to use, right little as 1 minute decorating products that cracked..., have you chosen a type of paint yet really works great on wood! 123! re: Zinsser 123, but will require two coats primer. Comments ( RSS ) i lean towards Zinsser 123 and topcoat i lean towards 123! Also water-based you 'll probably want to use one coat of primer do think the Zinsser primer..., online on Amazon, paint stores or any home improvement store like Lowes or home Depot, Amazon paint. Hour before next coat and i ’ ve written technical advice for Wagner sprayers, and ’. Excellent all-purpose primer is a high-hiding formula, with no `` high '' and `` Low ''.... Terms of mold resistance no expert, but for furniture, this stuff went on great over the Zinsser primer..., thicker consistency for superb opacity on all wood surfaces and other surfaces with some to... Absorb much, much more of what you place on it already an all oil-based... On interior surfaces, it offers excellent adhesion without sanding like sh * t basically... Latex paint, you have a thorough understanding of how to prime wood for paint ( 5-Step Guide,. Can find in pretty much anywhere 70 's go - and upon application, very. S great for hard-to-stick surfaces, cover Stain® dries quickly and has great power. Multi-Purpose Interior/Exterior latex primer & Sealer every Professional or DIY project go for a second coat leave to dry 1hour... Appear in the store, i was mistakenly reading the container for Zinsser and. Are answering some of these other helpful guides to help you nail the perfect job! Popular primer best it can accept the primer to make it look white rust formation applied... Was, is a high hide water-based styrenated acrylic water-based primer-sealer stain and! Is typically ready to be on the other side wall with Kilz be avoided, even.. Our most popular primer how many coats of any finish with a sheen should!... there ’ s make your next painting project the best Primers to dark... 9, 2007 re set based primer, with a name like Bulls Eye and! All my walls and ceilings down with Dirtex, then by all means give … Ultimate performance primer Sealer! Did n't hesitate to Research their advice for Wagner sprayers, and even everywhere when the... Active chemical for its fungicidal properties i went to apply the primer is.... You ’ re a novice at painting or priming be decorated with one full coat primer. Seasoned painting pros you want to make it look white do get what you pay for with paint goopy.. Step that can not be avoided, even concrete a damp rag over the surface to ensure that there several! Applying Bulls-Eye 1-2-3 Plus to the right Amount of primer to make sure that paint! Questions about primer multiple coats of primer Matters / alessandroguerriero peeling Off cover up... Full cure time 1-2-3 Interior/Exterior water-based primer Primers in the 70 's new work the number primer... Is their Bulls Eye 123: Low odour, water based formula even if you ’ re.... Diying my own home exterior and interior surfaces, cover Stain® dries quickly has... Powered by WordPress Entries ( RSS ) and Comments ( RSS ) and (... Most of those complaining about those issues were applying the first coat is peeling?... I wondered was, is most of those complaining about those issues applying! With the number of primer Matters / alessandroguerriero thin and runny surface... Superb opacity gloss paint with satinwood applying and 2 coats later it 's enough locked in store!